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The TRUELOO® is based on toilet technology, that generates an entirely new scientific data set to understand and improve human health. Created at Toi Labs, a team of world class experts in engineering, science and healthcare delivery are transforming the way health information is gathered in the home. The TRUELOO® can save lives and re-imagine the way we think about health.

It is as easy to install as any other toilet seat. Michael Savoie, Owner of Executive Home Care of Stratford, CT, will have it installed for his clients at no added charge. It is part of his care plan.


Executive Care will receive daily and weekly reports. If anomalies are detected, we will immediately call the family and/or physician. A printout of data will be forwarded to the family/physicians.

The TRUELOO® smart toilet seat uses the very 1st technology of its kind. Technology called Computer Vision Technology. The TRUELOO® uses a laser, not camera, pointed down into the bowl. It detects deviation, signs, signals, and clues with high resolution optical scanning. It is HIPPA compliant. No identity, non invasive, data is not collected. It works on Bio markers capable of understanding if there are foreign objects in the toilet and recognizes it. TRUELOO® is the very first most accurate tool used to stay vigilant and analyze early signs of chronic conditions.

The TRUELOO ® is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any medical condition or disease. TRUELOO ® helps spot changes in toileting to improve wellness.

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Featured Videos

These are two informational videos about  the TrueLoo® Smart Toilet Seat.

The first introduces the device and outlines its benefits for an Executive Home Care client.

The second video provides detailed information on how it works and what kind of information it provides to  the user and the designated party assigned to accept the data provided.

A brief introduction of what the TrueLoo® provides.

Explains detailed information on the operation of the toilet seat and outcome of the information supplied.



Signs and Symptoms
Common Conditions

  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Constipation
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Urolithiasis
  • Microscopic Colitis
  • Pancreatic Disorders
  • Diverticulitis
  • Irritable Bowl Syndrom
  • Dehydration
  • Clostridium Difficile
  • GI Bleeding
  • Enlarged Prostrate and Prostrate Cancer


Vik Kashyap


A Harvard graduate, Vik Kashyap also completed coursework at MIT and UC Berkeley in electrical engineering. Kashyap’s work and life story have garnered national attention in addition to multiple awards, and his approach to original solutions has led to multiple new inventions and businesses.

Toi Labs is Vik Kashyap’s most exciting company to date, and has direct ties to his personal life. At 28 years of age, he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. After his illness did not respond to usual treatments, his doctor recommended he have surgery. To avoid this, he began an experimental journey that led him to pioneer a new treatment that involved identifying, isolating, and embryonating the human whipworm as a therapy. Very few people were willing to help him due to liability concerns, so he learned parasitology techniques, overcame various hurdles and eventually safely ingested the microscopic eggs. The treatment surprisingly worked, and Vik then decided to try to understand the mechanism of action and persuaded scientists at UCSF in 2006 to study the effects of the worm on him. They successfully collaborated and published their findings in Science Translational Medicine in 2010 and since then their research has been widely cited (160+ citations) and used to develop new medications to treat the disease.



Read more about Vik.

Watch what motivated him to create the TRUELOO®.


Being Preventative

TrueLoo® is a ‘Smart Toilet Seat’
designed to monitor the wellness of seniors autonomously.


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Click on the links

below to watch 3 videos from doctors, and assisted living

explaining how the TRUELOO® can improve quality of life.
This is complimentary with our care plan.

Dr. Anish Sheth, MD

On the TrueLoo®

Dr. Benjamin Hornug, MD

the TrueLoo®

All Seasons Assisted Living
Nationwide Senior Community

On the TrueLoo®



Common Questions


What if guests need to use the bathroom?

Guests can push a button on the side of the seat to not collect their session information.

If residents don’t show signs of health problems, is the TrueLoo® still valuable?

Absolutely, the TrueLoo® is even more important, as healthy people do not tend to recognize clues that can identify threats to wellness.

If the TrueLoo® is located in a shared bathroom, can it collect data from multiple people?

Absolutely, the TrueLoo® can collect on both residents if desired.

What kind of scientific data does the TrueLoo® collect?

The TrueLoo® looks at all bowel movements and urination sessions seeking dangerous clues that can help decrease threats to wellness.

Who sees the information collected by the TrueLoo®?

TrueLoo® privately sends data to the designated care team’s dashboard in compliance with HIPAA requirements.

What about privacy concerns?

The TrueLoo® does not carry your name or your health records, maintaining your privacy.

Do I have to maintain the TrueLoo®?

The TrueLoo® requires no maintenance outside of normal cleaning, just like a standard ‘non-intelligent’ toilet seat.

How hard is the TrueLoo® to use?

The TrueLoo® is designed to work in the background and take no input from the user. No voice instructions, No buttons to push, and No batteries to change.

Do I have to change my toilet? Or assistive devices?

No, simply use your regular toilet. The TrueLoo® also works with select assistive devices.

Is data collected on the user?

No, only the staff knows who uses TrueLoo®.

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DISCLAIMER: The TrueLoo® toilet seat and software do not provide medical advice. It is intended for monitoring health conditions and providing data for informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any medical conditions or disease. It is not a medical device. You should consult your own healthcare professional for medical advice. Executive Care is a non-medical home care agency. Our partnership with TOI Labs is simply an added service utilizing data to provide better quality care in a preventative manner, and id any issues detected. A physician or family member will be alerted.




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